the word impossible is not in my dictionary.


I’ve loved you with all of me, I am still loving you with all that’s left. I am giving you all my love and all of me. I am hurt from deep within my soul for you’ve decided to leave and throw all the things we had. I am terribly hurt. I feel as if I’ve gone insane from loving you too much. You’re all I could ever think about. You’re all I ever talk about. I hear your voice everytime, I see your face everywhere.

I am loving you with all of me but you’re throwing away all the love that I give. I ache in every part of my being. Every single moment of the day I grive.

I love you with all of me… So when this is over, when he pain has gone… There’ll be no more left… not of me, because I will heal, I will get better. But there’ll be no more left… no more left of my love for you.

I am afraid that one day you’d drain all the love that I have for you with this excruciating pain you’re giving me everyday. Stop hurting me, please. Stop being cruel to me. because if I could, I’d love to love you all my life, from here to infinity.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I say this now, for I am afraid this would be over soon. Nobody wants to wait forever. But I promise you I will wait for you as long as I can.